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Pore Refining Foam “Mild cleansing foam”
Product Description:


·   micro-fine foam for gentle cleansing without drying out

·      biomimetic soft peeling
regulates horny cells and the build-up of flaky skin already during the cleansing phase

·      pore minimizer effect to refine the complexion

·      also suitable as an eye make-up remover

Active Agents     Marine silk, dipeptide PP-3 (encapsulated in liposomes), enantia oleanol, vitamin C, vitamin E, l-arginin

Mode of Action   Mild, surfactant substances form extremely fine-pored foam and remove gently grease and unwanted substances from the skin surface. A newly developed peptide composition prevents the skin from becoming horny, whereby the bonds – the so-called desmosomes – between the horny cells are regulated (biomimetic peeling effect). Horny cells loosen themselves easier from their bonds and scale off regularly. The skin surface becomes balanced and smoother.

Enantia Oleanol reduces pore lumen and balances the skin surface. In traditional medicine this bark extract is also well-known for its anti-inflammatory effects. Due to regulation of the sebum flow any shine on the skin is also reduced. The mussel fiber extract of marine silk optimizes the production of keratin and increases skin suppleness.

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