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Eye Contouring “Firming high performance care for the eyes”
Product Description:

Highlights            ·   integration lipids to smooth lines and wrinkles

·      DMS and omega fatty acids strengthen the skin barrier function

·      high-quality peptides improve skin tone and firmness

·      patented active agent complex for the intensive treatment of unwanted eye rings

·      moisture-balance-system for continual moisture

Active Agents      AGF anti-glycation formula (encapsulated in liposomes), marine silk, DMS derma membrane system, omega fatty acids (argan oil), hyaluronic acid, phospholipids, ceramide-3, niacinamide, hydrofiltrate menyanthes vitamin E, clear eye factor, oligopeptides, tetrapeptide-3, ectoin, stabilized vitamin C


Mode of Action   Clear eye factor contains a completely new approach to fight off unwanted eye rings: the active agents directly activate the break-down of blood pigments and the system of blood cleansing in which the distribution of a skin enzyme is stimulated, which is mainly involved in the degradation of bilirubin (end break-down product of haemoglobin). At the same time pigmentation residues are broken down and eliminated by means of a chemical complex.

                            Additionally oligopeptides and tetrapetide-3 – both matrikines – have an effect as cell messenger and improve skin tone and firmness. They increase the thickness of the skin and of the capillaries in the eye area. 

                            The ceramide complex stimulates additionally the moisture binding capabilities, firms’ cell structure and supports the skin’s own protection functions. Skin-identical lipids and essential fatty acids stabilize the barrier function of the sensitive skin in the eye area.

Ectoin together with different radical scavengers are effective as a natural protection substance, activate the skin’s own repair mechanisms and protects against stress factors. Marine silk improves keratin synthesis and makes the skin supple. A special highlight is the effect of the AGF anti-glycation formula, as the complex is encapsulated in liposomes and has an especially deep penetrative effect. In this way the cross-linking of the collagen and the prominent wrinkle production in the eye area can be prevented more efficiently.


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