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Express Lifting Mask “Express treatment for contouring with immediate effects”
Product Description:

Highlights            ·   express treatment for optimal contouring with immediate effects

·      activates the renewal of ECM

·      reduces the depth and volume of wrinkles in just a few minutes

·      the "must have“ for a special occasion

Active Agents      AGF anti-glycation formula, marine silk, oligopeptides, tetrapeptide-7, sodium hyaluro­nate (hyaluronic acid), sodium PCA (pyrollidone carbonic acid), vitamin E

Mode of Action   The Express Lifting Mask is the secret to a fresh appearance and for velvety soft skin in a few minutes. The high concentration of regeneration substances and the lifting complex revitalize and firm the skin in no time at all and give your skin once again more firmness.

                            Chosen oligopeptides and tetrapeptide-7 are work as cell messengers and activate the new production of the matrix. The cell activity is increased and the skin’s own regeneration processes are stimulated – the elasticity and skin tone are already visibly improved after one application.

Not only is the depth of the wrinkles, but also the volume is decreased. AGF anti-glycation formula protects the skin from glycation and - supported by vitamin E – from the attack of free radicals. The skin-identical moisturizer hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA provide deep moisturization. Marine silk optimizes the keratin synthesis and increases skin suppleness.

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