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Cell Protector Cream - Protection & Regeneration for all skin types
Product Description:

Our skin is confronted daily by the effects of the environment. Free radicals are created in our skin by a combination of stress and UV light. This stimulates a damaging oxidation process, which attacks the skin cells and causes them to age faster. UVA and UVB light protection factor (SPF 10) as well as pycnogenol create a genuine protective barrier for your skin. Pycnogenol neutralizes free radicals. It is a naturally created bioflavonol and, as a free radical neutralizer, is 20 times stronger than vitamin C and 40-50 times stronger than vitamin E. Cell metabolism rates are improved. Panthenol supports the calming effect of this cream. High quality moisturizers and lipids ensure a balanced fat and moisture content of the skin. Through regular use the skin becomes more balanced and resistant to the harmful effects of the environment.

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