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Night Contouring “Regenerating high performance care for the night”
Product Description:

Highlights            ·   regenerating high performance care for the night

·      collagen booster, which improves the quality and structure of collagen

·      strengthens the natural regeneration phase during sleep

·      energizes cell metabolism

·      DMS and omega-3 fatty acids stabilize the barrier function

·      for a beautiful awakening with smooth, vitalized skin

Active Agents      AGF anti-glycation formula, marine silk, DMS derma membrane system, chia seed oil (omega-3 fatty acids), argan oil (omega-6 fatty acids), hyaluronic acid, phospholipids, ceramide-3, niacinamide, hydrofiltrate menyanthes vitamin E, tripeptide-10 (encapsulated in liposomes), tetrapeptid-9 (encapsulated in liposomes), ATP adenosin, triphosphate, ATP moisturizer, panthenol, phytic acid


Mode of Action   The exquisite composition of DMS, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids restructure the horny layer, where the skin barrier is stabilized and built-up again. The bipolar lipids can build membranes themselves and can be integrated in the natural membrane layers of the horny layer. The omega-3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect and this helps the reduction of any itching, skin irritation and flaky skin. The moisture binding capability and the suppleness of the epidermis is improved. Marine silk optimizes keratin synthesis and continuously smoothes the skin. Ectoin and additional radical scavengers protect the skin against damage and stress factors, in which the support the skin’s own defense mechanisms.

AGF anti glycation formula and vitamins repel the attack of free radicals and prevent a progressive glycation in the exposed facial area. The brand new tripeptide-10 is effective in giving structure and unfolds a multiple effect: it regulates the process of fibrillogenesis, in which the formation of fibrils and their dimension are controlled. The active agent mimics the sequence of proteoglycans in the skin, which is always part of the collagen organization in the skin. The incorporation of active substances in liposomes increases the ability to penetrate and the cosmetic effectiveness in the dermal connective tissue.

Through this the collagen fibrils are specifically bound and have a positive effect on their correct organization. This optimizes skin elasticity. Together with tetrapeptide-9 the active agents stimulates the new production of functional collagen and their storage in the complex system of the skin matrix. Collagen malformation and also the hardening of the collagen fibers caused by glycation are stopped. ATP is also an additional energy supply to increase the cell functions and stimulates cell metabolism over night.

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