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Neck & Décolleté Contouring “Smoothing high performance care for the neck and décolleté”
Product Description:

Highlights            ·   smoothing high performance care for the neck and décolleté

·      for more and functionally improved collagen

·      brings firmness and volume from the essential cell boost factor

·      refines the skin surface

·      energizes and increases cell metabolism

·      high-quality peptides strengthen skin tone and firmness

·      for contours, newly defined

Active Agents      AGF anti-glycation formula, marine silk, ATP adenosin triphosphate, ATP moisturizer, tripeptide-10 (encapsulated in liposomes), ectoin, vitamin C, vitamin E, palmitoyl dipeptide-5, lupeol, essential cell boost factor

Mode of Action   The triterpene lupeol is a unique substance, which activates the production of the “collagen monitor” HSP 47 and leads to more and better functioning collagen. Palmitoyl dipeptide-5 improves the structure and function of the neighboring membrane of the epidermis and dermis (dermal-epidermal junction) and increases the skin thickness. Additionally the production of collagen and laminin is stimulated. Due to this the product has a lifting, firming and at the same time smoothing effect.

Ectoin is effective as a protection substance, which activates the skin’s own repair-mechanisms and protects the skin from stress factors. AGF anti-glycation formula and vitamins protect from radical scavengers and glycation of the skin in the exposed neck and décolleté area. ATP and ATP moisturizer give a lot of moisture and energy. Additionally the essential cell boost factor cares for an improved volume and skin firming, whereby the skin is plumped from inside and therefore gives more contour.

                            Marine silk optimizes the keratin synthesis and increases skin suppleness.


Advancement into the 4th Dimension “the 4D Technology of premium skindesign 4D”


With REVIDERM premium skindesign 4D a care system has been realized, which regenerates the aging process on many levels due to a multi-factorial effect approach. In the newly developed 4D technology high-tech active agent complexes have been combined with plant active agents like no other products. All products and treatment concepts work at the same time on all skin levels (corneal, epidermal, and dermal) and join together the area of dimension with that of time.

Care objectives in the stratum corneum

Here the main aim is to restructure the horny layer, which becomes more and more penetrable with increasing age, as well as refining the skin’s complexion. It is necessary to improve larger pores, more penetrable skin and flaky skin which come from an excessive attachment of the horny cells.

To improve the skin structure a new type of peptide intervenes in the process of keratinisation. Cell to cell bridges (demosomes) are influenced as such that the dependent horny cells can be easily rejected from the surface of the stratum corneum. The desquamation process of younger skin is mimicked (biomimetic principle) and the micro-structure of the skin surface is improved. The skin surface is balanced and smoothed in this way. Flaky skin no longer forms and the usual peeling products are not applied.

To restructure the horny layer, skin identical lipids are pulled up in a lamellar constitution. Here a real repair process takes place, as these integration lipids are really integrated into the areas between the horny cells (corneocytes).

ð  Better protection function of the skin

ð  Reduced penetration of micro-organisms

ð  Reduction in loss of the skin’s own moisture (TEWL)

ð  Decrease of  the added reaction readiness caused by aging

ð  Tingling such as itching or redness disappears


Care objectives in the epidermis

In the epidermis REVIDERM premium skindesign targets the hindrance of free radicals and to give back potent molecules, which increasingly bind moisture in the skin and retain it. The aim is to stimulate all protection functions, which activate the decreasing cell turnover with age and to keep the skin supple.

As moisture binders skin-identical, natural moisture complexes (NMFs) in combination with a large amount of hyaluronic acid provide the different molecular weight. Due to the supply of small and large molecular water binders, moisture is bound in the deep compartments as well as in the levels of the epidermis near the surface. Due to the active agent composition and moisture accumulation, the build-up of hyaluronic acid as well as the expression of fibrilin (messenger of the skin’s own NMFs), which normally decreases with age, can increase. At the same time high-tech regeneration substances activate cell turnover and stimulate the new production of cell material.

ð  Improved skin turgor and plumper skin

ð  Less feeling of tautness and tingling

ð  Increased function of the skin’s own enzymes in the epidermis

ð  Improved release of essential messengers of barrier lipids to repair the barrier

ð  Clearly firmed skin surface

ð  Optimized metabolic operations and improved cell division

Care objectives in the dermis

In the dermis the primary aim is to counteract the wrinkle build-up and loss of contour which comes with aging. Not only is the collagen new production of the fibroblasts stimulated, but also the correct formation of new collagen fibrils is supported (fibrillogenesis). Free radicals and enzymes are inhibited, which prematurely break down collagen in an uncontrolled way. Above all the prevention of the gradual glycation of proteins like collagen, which is increased with age or with an increased glucose level, is the focus.

As known from wound healing, highly active peptides are messengers, which influence the exchange effect between the cells and surrounding matrix. In order to be effective against the glycation process, certain peptides are used which react with the aldehyde or keto group of reduced sugar and / or malondialdehyde.

AGF anti glycation formula in REVIDERM premium skindesign 4D is able to catch toxins in the skin and eliminate them. The formulation has an anti-oxidative effect and neutralizes oxygen radicals and metal ions. The glycation process is inhibited by the quenching of carbonyl components and protects macro molecules (like collagen) from cross-linking and hardening. Also AGF anti glycation formula in REVIDERM premium skindesign stimulates the break-down of changed proteins, procured by enzymes.


ð  Increased skin suppleness

ð  Firmer skin

ð  Less wrinkles and also less deeper and cross-linked wrinkles

ð  Improved metabolic activity

ð  Youthful complexion, with a fresh and vital appearance

ð  Contours, newly defined

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