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Basic Serum Hyal+
Product Description:

Highlights            ·   precious active agent concentrate based on pure hyaluronic acid

·      individual composition for specific needs of the skin

·      every serum is unique

Active Agents      Sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), sodium PCA (pyrrolidone carbonic acid)

INCI declaration can be found in chapters 5 and 6                                                                     

Mode of Action   Hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA are the basis of the Basic Serum Hyal+. These skin identical moisture retaining factors have an intensive deep moisturizing and skin regenerating effect. The binding of moisture in the skin is improved and the turgor is increased. Due to the breakdown of diffusion resistance in the skin, a better penetration of the active substances applied hereafter is guaranteed. Already the basis of the Basic Serum Hyal+ leaves the skin velvety soft, plumped and firm.

Application:         For the treatment 4D Skin Contouring in the salon 2/3 (two-thirds) of the Basic Serum Hyal+ is applied to the skin for intensive moisturization and worked into the skin (pressed in rather than rubbed in). Afterwards an ultrasound is carried out (also with Ultrasonic Hydro Gel from REVIDERM skintelligence) to bring the serum into the skin.

                            Afterwards the remaining serum (1/3) is added to by the elixirs from the elixir bar with a pipette. The elixirs added are dependant on skin type and indication (see the recommendation table). Shake the mixture and then apply completely to the face, neck and décolleté.

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