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Individual Serum “Individualized serum with a pure hyaluronic acid base”
Product Description:

So that every skin receives its individual special care, REVIDERM has    developed the idea of the Individual Serum. After carrying out the           professional skin analysis in your beauty clinic, the Individual Serum can be                        composed for the specific customer by adding precious essences. Therefore     every concentrate is unique. The following essences for different indications            are available: Hydro Infuse, Contour, Un-Wrinkle, Anti-Ox and Red-Ex.


                            ·  Precious active agent concentrate based on pure hyaluronic acid

·      individual composition for specific needs of the skin

·      every serum is unique

Active Agents      Basis: Sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid), sodium PCA (pyrrolidone carbonic acid)

Individualization: All further active agents are dependant on the result of the skin analysis and according to the skin of the individual customer. Each serum is produced exclusively for the customer.


Mode of Action   Hyaluronic acid and sodium PCA are the basis of the individual serum. These skin-identical moisture factors have an intensive deep moisturizing and skin regenerating effect. The binding of moisture in the skin is increased and the turgor improved. Due to the break-down of diffusion resistance in the skin, a better penetration of the following active agents applied is improved. Even the basis of the individual serum leaves a soft, velvety and plump complexion.

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