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Our skin fulfills important protection functions: it builds up an outer barrier and repels damaging environmental influences.Chemical components affect the acid mantle and frequent washing also stresses the skin. Therefore REVIDERM begins caring for your skin with a thorough, but gentle cleansing, which leaves your skin refreshed. The perfect foundation for your beauty.

Dead horny cells make skin look older and tired. In order to improve the skin, there was a method in ancient Egypt to rub away this troublesome dry skin. REVIDERM uses nowadays a much gentler and nevertheless more effective method. By means of a herbal and bio-technological manufactured enzyme-complex your skin is gently and thoroughly freed for unwanted cells. Look forward to a clear and fine complexion.

REVIDERM's Re-fine products are the perfect intensive care for a graceful appearance. The newly-developed dispenser makes our active agent concentrates practical. efficient, economical and hygienic in use.

OPC ''Intensive Protection''

Based on the latest research results, our facial masks are practical to use and extremely effective: Highly active, exactly harmonized repair-complexes, blood-flow stimulating substances and skin-identical substances bring your skin back in balance. Occlusive effects let the applied active agents penetrate deeply into the skin. REVIDERM masks achieve instantly visible, but sustained results: The moisture depots of the skin become refilled and ric

AHA '' Fruity Freshness''

Beauty is not a question of age. On the contrary: when you support the vitality and well-being of your skin, you keep it looking youthful. REVIDERM skin care combines elegantly formulated products with specifically chosen active ingredients. Natural regeneration processes, which are effective against the visible signs of skin aging, are stimulated. Give your skin the care it needs, your skin structure is improved effectively.

Lightening ''Noble Complexion''

Hectic, stress, tension, your facial expression reflects everyday life. Brow wrinkles and tension in the face are outer signs of inner troubles. Specially chosen, well formulated peptide compounds create a specific remedy. A visible relax�ation of the facial muscles and the clear decrease of wrinkle depth in-one. Youthful skin,simple, without injections.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul. The majority of facial expressions occur in this part of the face. The skin in this area is also very thin and sensitive. REVIDERM has paid close attention, that these eye care products have the optimal skin compatibility and are gentle, yet effective. The active ingredient have been carefully chosen and exclusively formulated.

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