Machine Details
Smart Sonic - Smarty HIFU for face & body
Machine Description:

Smart Sonic Lifting System is a Smarty Hifu for the face and body, a face skin lifting and body skin care solution.

 · Faster treatment

 · Smaller focal size; less pain

 · Economic cartridge; cheaper treatment

 · For face and body applicators; additional body sculpting treatment

 · Precise and easy treatment on a curved or narrow areas

Machine Feature:

The specific effects according to various depth:


Multi Cartridges

   1.5mm - Improve acne, pores, micro wrinkles, color

   3.0mm - Pulling eyebrows, Nasolabial

   4.5mm - Facial tighten up, Improve elasticity

   1.3mm - Arm, belly, thighs, body, etc

                 Lifting, tightening, improving elasticity (optional)


Single Cartridges

   3.0mm - Pulling eyebrows, Nasolabial

   4.5mm - Facial tighten up, Improve elasticity

Screen Buttons

   Energy : 1~10

   Inserted Cartridge Depth (mm)

   Length : Full / Half

   Spacing : 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0 (mm)

    ( Automatically set by inserting cartridges )

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