Machine Details
MK300L - Multi-Application PRESSOTHERAPY
Machine Description:

 MK300L is a 2 channels device with two separated pumps and programs in a case. So, it can be used optionally or with maximum of four sleeves such as full body sleeve, leg sleeve, arm sleeve, and waist sleeve. It can be also used for two people at the same time. 


Machine Feature:

  • Touch keypad controllers
  •  Separate setting for 2 channels
  •  Maximum 4 cuffs use 
  •  Pressure sensor controller
  •  Emergency safety switch
  •  Pressure range: 60 - 200mmHg
  •  Time range: 5- 90 minutes
  •  Compression mode: A mode (massage mode), B mode (Squeezing mode), C mode (2 times of B mode + 1 time of reverse of A mode)


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