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Cryo Fit
Machine Description:


Cryo-Fit is a self-contained new generation Cryolypolsis device that is designed to treat small pockets of body fat such as love handles, Tummies, inner thighs, and back rolls. Cryo-Fit has an internal microprocessor that controls temperature, suction and moisture.  Cryo-Fit is both safe and effective. 



Effective in contouring stubborn local fat which are even difficult to remove by diet or exercise.


Machine Feature:



Certification:   CE

Regulated Voltage:   DC12V/7.5A

Maximum power consumption:   90VA

Cooling temperature:   ~3°C~9° (3°C/Step)

Vacuum pressure:  20~45 kPa (5 kPa/Step)

Time setting:  30~60 min (10min/Step)

Operational noise:  less than 65dB (from 1m away)

Weight of main body:  1200g/1EA



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