Machine Details
Lookin'body Software for all Inbody machines
Machine Description:

InBody Data Management System

  • Provides detailed explanation of the analysis results
  • Displays the changes in body composition in each category over time
  • Maintains clinical databases based on the data from the analysis
  • Keeps personal records - detailing member visits and other notable records further improving services
  • Powerful educational tool displaying visual reference material
  • Export function to Excel

Machine Feature:

Fun and easy reading of results with visual aids
See changes of body composition over time at a glance
Detailed information on each section of results
Powerful educational reference data on Body Composition
Comparative View on results of any tests from database
User friendly menus and icons
E-mail function added
Effective customer management with personal records

Machine Application:

Areas of use

  • Fitness Assessment
  • Obesity management
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Weight loss control
  • Hydration status


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