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Inbody 570 Your Smart Healthcare Solution
Machine Description:


The InBody 570 is a new InBody product line that provides exact measurements and DATA ANALYSIS of an individual’s body composition including muscle mass, WATER, fat protein, bone mineral and much, much more.


 It also retains a data history of your previous 8 results, which is a critical feature to not just identify your body’s current status, but also progression and changes over time.


 With the hallmark tactile electrode system and 15 separate impedance measurements, the InBody 570 provides clinically comprehensive analysis of:


website-bulletTotal Body Weight


website-bulletBody Fat Mass


website-bulletSkeletal Muscle Mass


website-bulletFat Free Mass


website-bulletTotal Body Water




website-bulletBody Fat Percentage


website-bulletWaist Hip Ratio (WHR)


website-bulletBody Mass Index (BMI)


website-bulletSegmental Muscle Mass Showing the difference between each arm and leg


website-bulletVisceral bar graph


website-bulletNutritional assessment


website-bulletFitness score



website-bulletAnd plenty more….



Machine Feature:

  • User-friendly interface for professional use.

            - User-friendly interface with voice guidance lets anyone

               can easily take the InBody Test.

            - Monitor progressive change of your body composition. 

            - Customize InBody Results Sheet with your favorable outputs.

            - Provides diverse analysis useful for medical and fitness purpose.

            - Visceral Fat Level (VFL) which indicates intestinal obesity 

               causing many lifestyle diseases.

            - ECW Ratio showing a water balance and helps to determine

               nutritional status of individual.

            - Segmental Lean Analysis show muscle adequacy of each 

               segments of the body separately.


  • Two different test modes

            - Self-Mode require to input only height to provide simplicity for 

               individual users.

            - Professional Mode provides more detailed consultation

               information on the screen.


  • Wireless Connection

            - Connect Lookin’Body (data management software) via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

            - Remotely control the InBody570 with Lookin’Body.


Lookin’Body Data Management Software: The Best Way to Manage from Your PC.

  • Wireless Connection with the InBody570

            - Connect your PC with the InBody570 via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

            - User data will be listed in your PC and by using it, you can

               remotely control the InBody570, save details of the user, and

               manage appointments with email service.


  • Strategic Consultation

            - The Body Composition History graph of each category helps

               you see your body composition change at a glance.

            - Additionally, the comment functionality of each consultation

               allows for a more personalized healthcare.


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