Machine Details
Aqua Clean Mini
Machine Description:

AquaClean mini consist of 3-in-1 system that combines three different technologies including aqua clean system using vacuum, electroporation and double lifting. It provides all facial care including cleansing, solution penetration and lifting to a single device.

Machine Feature:

 AquaClean system

  • Hypoallergenic peeling function that removal of sebum, dead skin cell and wastes using vacuum.
  • Simple treatment procedure without any side-effects
  • Smooth peeling & treatment without stimulation.



  • Electrical pulses create a temporary hole in the surface of the skin and a valid ampoules penetrate deep into the skin through this hole.
  • Without damage to the cellular skin structure, micro-current creates a temporary.
  • Opening on the skin for penetration of nourishing ampoules into deep layers of the skin.


Double Lifting

  • Cross-crossing micro current stimulates cellular structure of the skin, thereby resulting in firmer, smoother skin. Facial muscle massage effect by electrical pulses.
  • By supplying micro-current to flow through superficial layer of epidermis, lifting effect from stimulated facial muscle is achieved.
  • Effective in Facial Lifting & Tightening and Micro-circulates the treated area.

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