Machine Details
Eterna Giovezza Silk Light
Machine Description:

üTable Top IPL

üA portable model equipped with one hand piece

üFixed or interchangeable waveguides

üTouch screen panel

üSuggested pre-set or variable treatment protocols


Machine Feature:


1.   Adjustable settings; can be customized to reach the specific hair, blood vessels, or skin component being treated.
2.   Can treat all skin types since it has a range from 400-1200 nm
3.   Pulse duration 3- 240 ms
4.   Built-in water cooling system which enables working for numerous hours without having to it cool down.
5.  Can do up to 30,000 Shots but we recommend to do 20,000 to keep a very high shot quality.
6.   Beam size: 48 * 13 mm2 & 25 * 13mm2

7.   Fluence: 20-40 Joules.
8.   Different models of waveguides can be connected to the second handpiece for different treatments.
9.   When 20,000 shots are reached you will replace the lamp not the whole hand piece, which makes this machine better and more economic.
10.  Advanced software
11.  Colored touch screen display.

12.  Burst Mode operation: Up to 5 pulses with pulse duration of 2 – 20ms and a pulse delay of 50 ms


Machine Application:



 - Acne vulgaris



- Enlarged pores

- Photo facials / Photo rejuvenation

- Skin rejuvenation

- Skin Tightening / Smoothness


üPigmented lesions

- Cafè-au-lait spots are pigmented birthmarks

  - Dyschromia is a disorder of pigmentation of the skin

- Lentigo, A benign solar lentigo or lentigines (plural)


üHair removal

- Hirsutism

- Hypertrichosis

- Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

- Unwanted hairs


üVascular lesions

- Facial telangiectasia

- Matting

- Poikiloderma of Civatte

- Rosacea

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