Body Composition Analyzers
With accurate results and abundant measurement outputs, the InBody770 is a premium body composition analyzer which is used for medical research, patient�s monitoring, sports medicine, and so on.

Take your weight loss and fitness management program to the next level, The Inbody 570 is the solution...

InBody S10 is a portable & a bedside body composition analyser for patients who cannot stand for a body composition test.
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The InBody 270 is designed for traveling professionals with its portable and foldable design, going beyond weight to measure how much lean mass and body fat mass is in a user's body.

Simple and Fast Healthcare Solution
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A new way to effectively improve your healthy lifestyle . InBody J30 helps make healthier choices for children and the whole family , incorporating a daily routine that promotes wellness. Check the st

Precise Height & Weight Measurement Compact Design & Easy Installation Accessories for variety of use

Superior digital display with 2.5 inch LCD helps you to check the measurement data at a glance and turns off automatically after a certain time for energy saving.

BPBIO 320 professional automatic blood pressure analyser ( Available in Arabic Language )

Side helper with firm handrail.
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Make better use of InBody with Lookin'Body It is a data management used by InBody to provide the user with an easily understandable explanation of body composition analysis.
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