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Specialized Beauty provides a wide range of machines originating from Germany, Korea and Italy; carefully selected to join the latest and best technologies from the most reputed manufacturers and guaranteeing safety on the basis of international standards and medical norms such as patents from the U.S., Canada, Europe, and others like Japan and Korea. These newly introduced technologies include bio cybernetic algorithms and artificial intelligence combining powerful computers and contemporary software systems which have become an indispensable tool in the modern medicine, filling the gap between medical technology and aesthetic applications.



The Power of Beauty: Healthy Skin is the source of long-lasting beauty. Inspired by the fascinating complexity of the skin, REVIDERM has combined innovations of active agent research with results of modern dermatology since 1986. The finely composed, exclusive skin care beauty-range from REVIDERM has become the fountain of youth for demanding skin.
REVIDERM’s philosophy is to stimulate the regeneration of the skin, as well as keeping it continuously active.
Immerse yourself in our world of skin care and experience a new skin sensation – with REVIDERM.
II. Product Features
Vision: To create an all-around treatment concept for a fresh appearance and protected skin- The Synergy of REVIDERM products and REVIDERM treatment methods retains the youthfulness of your skin.
The Caring and regenerative active agents of the REVIDERM products penetrate deeper into the skin and their effects are more intensely developed.
All treatment methods are individually oriented to your skin condition. Combined with the chosen skin care you can improve the structure and power of your skin long-lastingly.
Reviderm Technique:
REVIDERM is a dermo-cosmetic treatment method, which achieves its success from the type, quality, concentration and combination of active agents. Just as important are the correct treatment procedures. REVIDERM takes its inspiration from the nature and physiology of the skin to imitate these natural procedures.

All metabolic processes in the skin, as well as all interactivity between individual cells, skin layers, the skin and the environment follow exactly regulated and controlled natural mechanisms. Every process has a clearly defined purpose and is precisely controlled. All these mechanisms can be divided into individual logical steps and reconstructed.

REVIDERM succeeds in supporting and regenerating the individual functional component parts, even in a mature skin. The deciding factor for this success, besides the active agents, is the construction principle of the individual treatment steps, which ensures that the skin is considered in its entirety and that all important functions are supported. Therefore REVIDERM manages to develop general regeneration treatments as well as special treatments, which not only take care of the general condition of the skin, but also the special problem.
Reviderm and Cellucur Products
The Beauty Lies within its active ingredients and efficacy….
Reviderm is regarded as a high-performance partner for the beauty salon, Spa and Medical Centres due its biomedical active ingredients. The Reviderm world-brand takes the leading role in the area of beauty salon cosmetics and this claim is supported by the high effectiveness and attractiveness of the brand.
Reviderm invests in innovative and extremely effective products and treatment concepts. It gives an internationally proven, long term successful concepts for skin treatments. The Reviderm System combines the apparative treatment of Microdermabrasion and Ultrasound with the cosmeceutical product effectiveness in a wide range of cosmetic and dermatological treatment concepts for various indications.
It is available both Professional products to perform different treatments for different skin conditions and Retail products for a continuous home care for your clients.



Cellucur cosmeceuticals have been especially developed to care for skin with special needs. Our philosophy combines innovative cosmetic knowledge with medical experience. Skin type, the time of year and the special needs of the skin all play an important role in determining the exact treatment. In order to guarantee the best results cellucur cosmeceuticals are available exclusively from qualified aestheticians.
The philosophy of Cellucur combines innovative cosmetic knowledge with medical experience of skin care, from which the concept “cosmeceuticals” is developed.